Desktop Disposal provides Recycling, Resale, and Dismantling for Solar Panel and Related controller equipment


About Us

Desktop Disposal is your One Stop solution for End of Life Solar Panel and Equipment

Desktop Disposal is a service that is offered by TBF Computing, Inc. -- an electronics recycling company with nearly 20 years of industry experience specializing in protecting both your company and the environment. Our mission is to provide our customers with affordable alternatives to landfill disposal, worry free data security, and reliable customer service.

OUR SERVICES takes pride in our services, which include:

TOTAL CONTROL LOGISTICS will come to you and pickup your equipment. We can provide an unbroken chain-of-custody, guaranteed. We can perform urgent pickups so you don't have to sit on unwanted equipment longer than necessary.
All customers will receive a basic audit report of what was received. More detailed audit reports are available as well.
REMARKETING & REUSE pursues all remarketing options throughout the industry to place used equipment back into service and keep it out of landfills. Equipment is re-marketed through a variety of channels including online stores, auctions, and a network of resellers.
RESPONSIBLE RECYCLING ensures that equipment which fails testing or does not meet minimum functionality specifications is responsibly recycled. Recycling is completed by selling each of the recyclable components of your equipment, combined in bulk with like components of other customer's equipment. follows all applicable state, federal and EPA regulations.


Who is

Desktop Disposal is a service provided by TBF Computing, INC. and was founded and continues to be managed by environmental professionals with years of experience serving as environmental and IT managers in the manufacturing industry and state government. Our number one priority is reliable, secure service to our customers.

What areas do you service?

We service the contiguous United States.

I am planning a site equipment refresh in 8 months, what do i need to do now to plan for my upcoming remarketing and disposal needs?

Give us a call! We will ask you to send us a few part numbers or pictures of the datatags, and we'll help develop a plan that minimizes your cost. The longer you wait to develop a plan, the more likely your cost will increase. We evaluate every customer's needs to determine the best and most cost effective option that will satisfy them. Call us (or fill out our online information request form) and let us know what you need!

When will my equipment be picked up?

A scheduled time will be worked out with you for the pickup of your equipment that best meets your needs. We can often pick up in 5 business days and we will work to accommodate any time for the pickup, including nights and weekends.

How do I schedule a pickup and track my equipment to its final destination?

You can schedule a pickup by completing the online form here or by calling us at (888)-620-0094. Once the equipment has been picked up, each piece of equipment is tracked to its final destination by us. You can always check the status of your equipment by calling us.

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